I know what you're thinking...

You HAVE to count your points or macros in order to be healthy.

You HAVE to weigh yourself once a day in order to know what you're allowed to eat.

You HAVE to be good around food, otherwise going to the gym is pointless.

Your doctor told you to lose weight for your health and he MUST be right.

You WANT to lose weight so that you can have sex with the lights on.

You KNOW you shouldn't be eating carbs at night but can't seem to stop yourself even after you SWORE you'd have more will-power this time....

But I also know what you're FEELING

You're feeling anxious to go out to eat this weekend.

You're already gearing up for another New Year's Resolution.

You've fallen off the bandwagon so many times but THIS YEAR WILL BE YOUR YEAR!

You'll be better this time.

But you can't stop feeling like you're addicted to sugar- so you cut it out again... only to find yourself shoving donuts in your mouth in secret, hiding candy wrappers so no one knows how bad you've been...

You check your reflection in the morning to assess the damage... and to decide how much cardio you have to do to burn it off.

You're hungry... you're eating plenty of healthy foods but you're really damn hungry.

You wonder why you're the only one who lacks this much control around food... is this normal? Do you have a problem? Maybe your thyroid is slow or maybe these are your mom's genes you promised yourself you'd never inherit...

You've tried it all. You've lost the weight, everyone clapped for you...

...you lost control and gained it back.

You've lived that cycle over, and over, and over again and you keep promising that this will be the last time- you will never lose control again....

And then you do....

I'll let you in on a little secret...

You are not broken...

...but trying to lose weight doesn't work.

Here's the thing- the more you restrict food, the more you'll binge.

The more you restrict food, the slower your metabolism gets, the more screwed up your hormones get, and the harder this whole thing is....

The answer? Stop dieting. I know, you've tried that before- except... you haven't. You see, the last time you "weren't on a diet", you still were saying and thinking things like "this is so bad" or "I'll start over again on Monday." You shoved all the foods you'd been keeping off limits into your mouth for days or even weeks or months on end. You did this from a place of hatred, punishment, avoidance, and fear.

You never stopped to ask yourself "what would feel good in my body today?"

But rather, you waged a war. You thought, deep down, "it's ok, I'll start my diet again when I'm ready and all this weight will come off again"- which is a diet mentality.

So no, Karen... you have not tried not dieting before.

This is it. This is revolutionary stuff that you never knew existed.

I can promise you that this is unlike anything you've ever embarked on before.

It is not a diet.

This is your one-way ticket to freedom.

This is your one-way ticket to making peace with your body.

This is your one-way ticket to feeling normal around food so that you can go out to eat without scouring the menu beforehand.

So that you can start your mornings devoid of the scale.

So that you can stop crying in the dressing room.

So that you can have sex with the lights on whenever the F you want.

So that you can take a vacation, not worry about bringing your "booty bands" with you or wondering if your hotel has "an adequate gym"- and instead, you just CHILL on vacation, with a mojito in hand if you want one.

And you can come home without the scale-stare down like you do after every.other.fucking.vacation.

I'm ready for my one-way ticket to food freedom!

Enter: the solution you never knew existed...

...the only solution that will ever work for you... Intuitive Eating. A non-diet approach to making peace with food and your body once and for all. No sneaky fast-ones, no bullshit here... just everything I wish I knew when I was you. Everything I wish I knew when I hated my body so much I'd live off of spinach and rice cakes for days until I'd eat so much cheese, salami, and chocolate that my stomach hurt for days.

Everything I wish I knew as I trained and ran multiple marathons, half marathons, triathlons- hopeful that my dream body would be waiting for me on the other side of the finish line.

It's time, don't you think?

It's time to feel normal around food.

It's time to stop thinking your dream life is waiting for you on the other side of some dream body you've made up in your head.

It's time to stop falling off the wagon... because listen, there is no wagon.

It's time to quit the bullshit.

Diets don't work. And there are thousands of companies out there now catching on, using fancy, flowery language to get you to believe that, too. And guess what? You've already tried it!

Do you feel better yet?

Do you love yourself yet?

Have you stopped feeling obsessive and crazy around food yet?

No? Right. Exactly. Because you can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. No matter what you're calling it, it's a diet if:

-There are black and white food rules (eat this, not that)

-There are weigh-ins to assess progress, or any sort of body checking required to assess progress. (THIS IS DIET CITY!!!!!)

-There are deadlines. "Lose 2 pounds a week!"

-You feel like shit about your body. (Hello, diet culture- nice to see you here.)

-You think "low calorie" means "healthier option"....

-You feel out of control around certain foods, so you make sure that NO BAD FOODS make their way into your house.

You're either REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD and CHEATING. I call this "the fuck its"-- do you have "fuck it" days where you don't track, don't measure, don't count, and just down right do not care? Yep, that's a diet.

Call it whatever you want- call it a wellness program, call it a lifestyle change, literally call it whatever you want... these are just some of the telltale signs that you're on a diet.

No wonder you feel like hot garbage.

No wonder you hate your body.

No wonder you feel addicted to food and can't be trusted to be alone in a room with donuts or ice cream or chips or cheese.

This course is designed with you in mind. The woman who thinks she's obsessed with wellness but really is desperate to not hate every inch of her body. The woman who hits the gym hard and thinks its her "therapy", but really- it's a punishment for what she ate. For the woman who's sick and tired of starting again on Monday, sick of "buckling down!" and sick of "getting back on the wagon.... AGAIN.

For the woman who cannot be trusted to eat straight out of the chip bag (you'll eat them ALL!), for the woman who's judging other women- how can she eat that? how come she looks like that? why can't I look like her? WHY IS THIS SO HARD!? WHERE IS MY WILLPOWER!?

Take a Peek Inside The Course

  • 1

    Welcome to Diet Culture Drop Out

    • Welcome to Diet Culture Drop Out!
    • Things to Note
  • 2

    What Happens When You Diet?

    • What happens when we diet?
    • Journal Prompt Intro
    • Module 1 Journal Prompts
    • Module 1 Quiz
  • 3

    Learning to trust yourself around food

    • Learning to trust yourself around food
    • What if I never stop eating?
    • Module 2 Journal Prompts
    • Q&A
    • Quiz
  • 4

    BONUS: Surviving the Holidays

    • Navigating Thanksgiving
    • Navigating New Years Resolutions
  • 5

    Managing hunger and fullness

    • Hunger & Fullness
    • Module 3 Journal Prompts
    • Q&A
  • 6

    Removing Power from the Scale

    • Some notes before we get started
    • Removing the power from the scale
    • Journal Prompts
    • Q&A
  • 7

    How do I eat if there aren't any rules!?

    • How do I eat without food rules?!
    • Journal Prompts
    • Pre-recorded q&a call
  • 8

    Managing your emotions without food

    • Managing your emotions without food
    • Pre-recorded q&a call
  • 9

    Loving Yourself

    • Loving Yourself
    • Journal Prompts
    • Pre-recorded q&a call- part 1 of 2
    • Pre-recorded q&a call- part 2 of 2
  • 10

    Redefining "eating healthy"

    • Defining "eating healthy" for the Intuitive Eater
    • Pre-recorded q&a call
  • 11

    Reshaping Your Relationship with Exercise

    • Reshaping your relationship with exercise
    • Journal Prompts
    • Pre-recorded q& call
  • 12

    BONUS: Don't screw up your kids

    • The impacts of a dieting household


  • What's included in my course enrollment?

    Access to each module and all of its contents, which include video trainings, PDFs, and more. Pre-recorded calls from previous cohorts are available inside the course.

  • Do we get any access to you?

    No. This is a self-study course. Previous cohorts have had access to me via email and group coaching calls. This course option does not include any additional access to me. Pre-recorded q&a calls are included from previous cohorts so that you can get access to additional coaching.

  • I'm trying to lose weight, is this course for me?

    Nope. This is not an inherent weight loss course. If you're hoping this is your hail Mary, I'm not your gal and this is not your course. Remember, all of your previous weight loss attempts have landed you here. If you're sick of losing a bunch of weight and gaining it back- this course is your solution.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for women are who ready to stop dieting once and for all. It is best suited for women who already know they never want to diet again but are looking for more support, strategies, and tools in order to do so. This is not for women looking to count macros, points, or calories. This is not for women who want to buy into the rhetoric that woman's sole purpose is to look as thin as possible. If that's the mission you're on, cool- but you're wasting your time here.

  • When does the program begin?

    You will gain immediate access to the course. Each subsequent module will open up to you each week for 10 weeks. This is by design so that you can set aside time each week and learn, write, grow, and explore.

  • But, I'm not on a diet.

    Ohhhh honey, I bet you are! Do you weigh yourself and feel better if it's down and horrible if it's up? Do you not trust yourself around "bad" foods? This is all diet mindset and there's A LOT of work to do!

  • How is this program any different than everything I've already tried?

    Well, for starters, it's not a diet. Take a look and see what some of my clients have to say down below :)

  • I'm recovering from an eating disorder, can I take this course?

    This course is not meant for individuals in eating disorder recovery. Please reach out to me individually for help with eating disorder recovery, and as always, please seek help from a medical professional. I am able to join you + your treatment team as another resource, but this course is not geared toward eating disorder recovery.


"As good as therapy."

"Christina has offered me more tools and insights than my therapist ever has. I love my therapist, but Christina has a raw and honest approach to her coaching that I really don't think are available inside of therapy. Working with her has been just as good, if not better, than seeing my therapist!"

"You'd be silly to pass this up."

Before I started working with Christina, I had spent well over $15,000 on trying to feel better about my body. None of it worked, as you all know. You would be silly to pass up the opportunity to learn from Christina in this capacity. I promise you'll regret not working with her!"

"Ripple Effect."

"I truly feel I was able to positively impact so many women in my life after learning from Christina. The Ripple Effect can begin with me, and it can begin with so many other women. You have to trust yourself to put in the work and trust the work, and then you can go out into your lives and impact other women. It doesn't stop with you, it starts with you! Christina has empowered me in so many ways. I'm so excited to speak life into other women in my life like she has to me."

"I left french fries on my plate!"

"I've never been able to do that before! I either can't let myself have any or I scarf down the entire plate without even realizing it. I noticed I started to get full and wasn't all that interested in the fries. I ate what I wanted and left the rest behind without any guilt. That's a first for me!"

"I bought 3 pints of ice cream and forgot about them."

"This unconditional permission to eat thing is crazy! I've never been able to forget about ice cream in my freezer. I was able to buy 3 pints of ice cream and keep them in my house without having to worry about eating them all in one day. They've been there for a few weeks and I honestly forgot about them."

Payment Options

We dropped the enrollment price as a way to serve our clients during COVID-19. If you're waiting for a better price, this is it! This DIY option is usually $347. But we don't want price to stop you from getting unstuck.