Face it, your online business is f*cked.

I get it. I've been there.

You've downloaded all the free PDF's, attended all the free business webinars, probably bought some business courses, and have even hired a coach or two in the past.

And you're frustrated.

You work with clients that aren't a good fit for you because you need the money.

And part of you hates seeing that written out because you still feel weird about charging money and kind of want to pretend like you're "not doing it for the money" in the first place, right?

Because you love what you do and you'd do it for free.

And part of you feels shame for even acknowledging that YES, HELL YES it would be nice to make good money in your business.

The backend of your business is a confusing and overwhelming mess.

There are so many moving parts, on-boarding new clients feels messy, and when you take a step back, you realize how complicated you've set your business up to be.

Regardless, here's what you're up against:

You're exhausted at the end of every day without much to show for it. 

You swear to god you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing, but your business feels futile or uncertain at best.

You know for a fact that people with less education and qualifications than you are somehow working less, making more, and clearly are having a better time than you are.

You keep thinking that another certification is what you need... but you've done that before...

...you were certain that one more cert would be the thing that you could post about on social media, therefore having droves of your ideal clients flock to you!

....except, still crickets.

You have multiple offers. There are several avenues your clients can pursue in order to work with you. More offers = more money, right?

...except, really it's been a lot of headache, a lot of heartache, and a lot of overwhelm.

You've hired the coaches.

You've taken the courses.

What in the actual F is going wrong?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • "I can't take a break. I have to work as hard as possible. The reason I'm not where I want to be yet is because I haven't put in the time, the work, or the hours. I'll take a break once I reach my goals!"

  • "I don't want to seem greedy and charge too much. If I charge too much, no one will hire me. I'd rather be accessible to everyone. The lower my rates are, the MORE people can hire me! I love what I do so much that I don't feel like I need to be making a ton of money. I truly feel better being on the cheaper side so that people can afford me!"

  • "I'm super burnt out. I'm grateful that I have clients, but I'm exhausted."

  • "My business sucks. I legit don't know why it's so hard to make money doing what I love. I invest in continuing education often. I have lots of certifications and credentials. I don't understand why no one seems to care about how educated I am. I must not be educated enough! If I just get one more certification, I'll learn enough and I'll be able to attract more clients!"

  • "I already have a business. I feel like I know what I should be doing. At the same time, if I truly knew what I was doing, would it really still feel this hard and messy?"

  • "I've already hired coaches and mentors. I feel like I should already know what I'm doing."

  • "Screw this. I'll just get a full time job."

  • "I'll make another offer! I'll just create ANOTHER new program! That's what's missing! More offers!"

  • "I just need more Instagram followers. Then my business will take off."

Yes, owning and running a business is hard, hard work...

...but you should be running your business. Your business should not be running you.

You see, the issue is that each business coach and course you've taken up until this point has likely been problematic.

You hired a business coach that had zero business success prior to business coaching... (but they won't tell you about that.)

You keep looking for the "big missing secret" to business success... (there isn't one.) So all of your investments so far have been bandaid solutions to solve a symptom of a much deeper problem.

You think all of your business problems will be solved by figuring out how to use paid ads, complicated funnels, getting more IG followers, or following whatever cookie cutter advice you got through your last coach or business course that had zero actual coaching involved.

You keep hiring coaches and taking courses that make you feel that if you "just made more sales" that you'd finally have the life and business you've always dreamt of.

You are missing so much more than that.

Business is so much more than "just making more sales."

Your life is so much more than that.

YES. Money is a tool. We all need to make money. And we all deserve to get paid and paid well for what we do. But did you know that it's not *just* about that?

Imagine if...

  • Business felt simple

  • You know exactly what your core offer is, who it's for, and how to position it so that you can stop feeling like a chicken with your head cut off

  • You actually have time off that you can enjoy instead of feeling anxious and guilty about it

  • You stop working with clients you dread

  • Social media feels simple and easy because you finally have a social media strategy that supports your core offer

  • You're in control of your income (and no longer having to work MORE hours to make more of it)

  • You know how to position, market, and sell your offer & it doesn't feel gross or inauthentic

  • You actually had time to work ON your business and move it forward instead of only working IN your business day in and day out

Your Solution:

UnF*ck Your Biz.

You deserve to feel wealthy, happy, and free.

UnF*ck Your Biz is the only business coaching container where business strategy meets soul.

Yep. You heard that right. Did you know that business strategy is not one size fits all and that another DIY program with half-assed access to a mentor isn't actually going to help you?

What's the point of being a business owner if you can't infuse your own desires into a strategy that works?

Your dream life will happen where strategy and soul intersect in your business.

The problem is, you've never been given the opportunity to explore your business quite like this.

It's either been all strategy or all soul.

"All strategy" means you've been told that you have to do business in one specific way.

This can cause:

-feelings of misalignment



-feeling like your life is not truly yours

-feeling lost and out of place

Running a business from "all soul" can lead to:

-Relying on manifestation to reach your goals

-never quite seeing anything through

-constantly at the whim of your desires

-lack of discipline, therefore zero progress

UnF*ck Your Biz will teach you:

  • The exact reasons you're getting stuck in business and have no time or $$$ to show for your education and hard work

  • Why your current business model is a recipe for burn out (a purely 1:1 business model is NOT what you want to build your biz off of! Also- WHY do you have SO many offers and programs!?)

  • How to structure your entire biz to account for down time AND profit

  • How to implement business policies that honor your personal boundaries so that you're in control of your day and your time

  • How to price your offers so that you AND your clients feel good about it

  • How to nail down one core offer that's guaranteed to get you paid AND serve the shit out of your clients without the cost of your sanity or peace

  • A powerful yet simple approach to social media that feels good instead of gross

  • How to honor yourself, trust yourself, & build a business and a life you can be proud of

  • How to finally act like a business owner instead of constantly questioning your worth

  • How to build a unique-to-you & repeatable launch strategy that works with your time and energy instead of against it

Take a peek inside the course

  • 1

    Welcome to UnFYB!

    • Start Here!
    • Welcome to UnFYB!
    • How to use this course
    • Planning/Prioritizing, Calls, Slack, Turnaround Times, my expectations for you
    • Using Slack
    • What happens after you invest?
    • Quiz
  • 2


    • Recurring Zoom Link for Friday's Group Calls
    • POD A
    • POD B
    • POD C
  • 3

    Perfectionism & "Imposture Syndrome"

    • Avoiding Perfectionism: Decide & Move
    • Imposture Syndrome and The Curse of Knowledge
  • 4

    Bonus Module: Behind the Scenes of the Tech side of this course

    • Behind the Scenes of the "tech" side of this course
  • 5

    UnF*ck Your Mindset

    • Start here
    • UnF Your Boundaries
    • Your Money Mindset
    • Your Schedule, Energy, and Time
    • A word on pricing: an overview
  • 6

    UnF*ck Your Client Roster

    • The Why
    • Your Ideal Client
    • Going Deep vs Wide
    • Why People Buy
    • Their Transformation
    • Their Language
    • Sharing Your Story
  • 7

    UnF*ck Your Instagram

    • Your IG Bio
    • Your Feed
    • Your Stories
    • Highlights
    • IG Reels
    • IG Reels part 2
    • IG reels part 2
    • IGTV
    • Linktree/CTAs
  • 8


    • Checkpoint 1/3
    • Checkpoint 2/3
    • Checkpoint 3/3
  • 9

    UnF*ck Your Offers 1

    • Business Models
    • what's in an offer?
    • Buyer's psych 101
    • The Client Journey
  • 10

    UnF*uck Your Offers 2

    • Creating a Framework
    • Biz Model Considerations + Your Framework
    • Offer Pyramid
    • The Power of Focus
    • Offer Niche
    • Building Out Your Perfect Offer
  • 11


    • UnFYB recap thus far
  • 12

    UnF*ck Your Process

    • UnFucking Your Process
    • You Don't Own Instagram
    • Your Website
    • Building Your Email List
    • Freebies
    • Launch/Sales Mindset & Launch Overview
    • Putting everything together so far
  • 13

    UnF*ck Your Launching

    • "Launching" Definitions
    • Goodwill Phase
    • Anticipation Phase
    • Pre/Private Launch
    • Enrollment Open/Public Launch
    • Evergreen Enrollment
  • 14

    Rethinking Charging Hourly

    • Rethinking Charging Hourly
  • 15

    UnF*ck Your Marketing

    • The Problem You Solve
    • Features, Benefits, Meaning
    • Downloadable Sales Page Template
    • Sales Page Training
  • 16

    UnF*ck Your Schedule

    • Energy Management
    • Batch Working
    • Reactive vs Proactive Decisions
  • 17

    UnF*ck Your Focus

    • Creating Focus
    • When & What to Delegate
    • How to Delegate
  • 18

    UnF*ck Your Moolah

    • Manage Your $$$
    • What To Do When You Get Paid
    • Tax Write-Offs
    • Profit First Cheat Sheet
  • 19

    Love notes & little reminders for when you need them

    • I'm feeling behind, what do I do?
    • I'm feeling frustrated!
    • It's not working!
    • I'm overwhelmed!
    • I'm not learning anything!
  • 20

    UnFYB Group Call Recordings

    • Welcome Call recording
    • 4/2/21
    • 4/16/21
    • 4/30/21
    • 5/14/21
    • 5/28/21
    • 6/11/21
    • 6/25
    • 7/9/21
    • 7/16/21
    • 7/26/21
    • 8/6/21
    • 8/20/21
    • Focus Call- Ideal Client
    • Focus Call - Content Creation
    • Focus Call - Offer Creation
    • Focus Call - Copywriting
  • 21

    Pod A call recordings

    • Pod A Call - April 7, 2021
    • Pod A call - May 19, 2021
    • Pod A call - June 16, 2021
    • Pod A - July 14, 2021
  • 22

    Pod B call recordings

    • Pod B call - April 5, 2021
    • Pod B call - May 19, 2021
    • Pod B call - June 16, 2021
    • Pod B call - July 12, 2021
  • 23

    Pod C call recordings

    • Pod C call - April 5, 2021
    • Pod C call - May 20, 2021
    • Pod C call - June 14, 2021
    • Pod C Call - July 15, 2021
  • 24

    Bonus Calls

    • Bonus Call with attorney Sam Vander Wielen

Here's what you can expect:

  • 5 months of deeply transformational work. No bullshit here- we're not simply journaling our way to a powerful legacy. Your business is an extension of yourself. Our time together is intentional so that you don't feel rushed in the process

  • Live, interactive group coaching calls to deepen your learning and implementation. Yes, replays will be available if you can't make it live! And you'll be able to submit your q's ahead of time, too. DIY or half-assed coached programs do not work. You need a sounding board and a community to back you up. We have that here and you should not settle for anything less.

  • Lifetime access to the course. Yep, for as long as this course exists as an entity, you will have access to all of its materials even after our live portion has ended.

  • A legit human in your corner. Not a robot. Not a hero. Not someone who's so far removed from reality that you're wondering what the hell you got into. I do not preach from the throne. I teach from 10 years of business experience, paired with an actual MBA. Who knew that you could actually become educated in business, right? Yes. It exists. And it does matter. Business experience and education matters.

  • Interim access to me + the group via Slack. Ever felt like your coach or whoever you purchased from took your money and ran away and left you to your own devices? Listen- if your own devices were enough, you'd be working 20 hours a week and have a padded retirement account by now. Stop settling for coaches and programs that take your money, give you 3 calls (or no calls) and then leave you in the dust.

  • Zero gross strategies like cold DMing, follow/unfollow, or messaging every new follower. Oh, and zero paid ads. I don't teach those. It's not sorcery, it's organic marketing- and we rely on you getting abundantly clear on who your content is for and leveraging your free content organically.

Priced with you in mind.

You deserve to feel wealthy, happy, and free. We've removed as many barriers as possible so that your unf*cked business doesn't have to wait any longer.

I used to be you.

I started my own business in 2012 and thought I had found my one-way-ticket to freedom.

While that was partially true in some ways, I also built myself a prison.

I worked 7 days a week for years on end.

My days started at 6am and ended around midnight (if I was lucky.)

There was so much to do, so much to figure out.

I started my online business in 2015... this was easily going to be the solution to my schedule and my income! It had to be! That's what online business is for!

Needless to say, the exhaustion continued.

Building an online business is not inherently your ticket to freedom. There are 10000s of ways to screw it up- BIG TIME.

I had no systems.

I had no process.

Honestly? I just had no clue.

I honestly felt that if I "just worked hard enough" that it would figure itself out. Turns out, that's now how this works.

I have invested well over $50k into business courses and coaches over the years. And I can promise you one thing: not one coach or course exists that packs this much value and no-nonsense business strategy that not only works for you, but works WITH you.

I've been burned by coaches. I've been forgotten about. I've been completely ripped off.

I've paid for things that truly did not help me- over and over again. And I vowed to NEVER pay another idiot stranger on the internet again. So, I get it. I really do.

I set out to be the thing that the business coaching industry is missing.

UnFYB has everything that I needed back when I was in your shoes. When I was exhausted, lost, and frustrated, and had no free time and no money to show for all of my education, passion, and hard work.

No, joining us inside UnFYB does not inherently secure your success, but I'll tell you one thing: doing whatever you're doing now is not going to get you where you're trying to go.

You have a choice: by the end of our time together, you can have the parts of your business that aren't working for you ironed out, or you can be exactly where you are right now.

So, it's up to you. Same place by September 2021 or somewhere different?

I created UnFYB on the back of the $50k I've spent. Unknowingly at the time, I was gathering data on what is missing from this space. I wasted the money and the time so that you don't have to. I navigated much of my business success alone so that you don't have to.

UnFYB is for career driven women who own their own business- whether you think it's a "serious" business yet or still feel like your business is kind of a pipe dream (it's not, btw), UnFYB is not a "get IG famous" course. This is not for aspiring influencers. This is for small business owners

Your business should feel like this. And it can.

I'm not going to lie to you, it may be a grind at first.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

This is not an over-night success scheme.

This is the path that will help you build the life that you crave.

The work you will do will finally begin to blaze the trail. You'll finally know where you're headed.

You deserve more time off.

You deserve to be in control over your income.

You deserve to work with clients that you love, doing work that you love to do.

You deserve clarity.

You deserve to be a part of a course like this one, who sees you as a whole ass human and meets you where you're at. You're not one of hundreds. You won't get lost here. You deserve to navigate business with someone who has your back.

UnF*ck Your Biz is unlike any other business coaching program out there. This is exactly what you are missing.


  • How is this course structured?

    This is a LIVE course. This means content is dripped out to you in a strategic way to pace your learning. We then gather as a group on the live calls to process and work through everything. The Slack group also exists to further support you along the way.

  • What if I can't make the calls live? Will they be recorded?

    Yes. The calls will be recorded and uploaded into the course for you to access. You will also be able to submit your questions for the live calls ahead of time if you cannot make it live. I work with people from all over the world and so with time-zones in mind, there is no way to make sure that everyone can make it live to each call. The replays and the Slack group exist for this reason as well.

  • I sell intentional fat loss. Is this course for me?

    No. I do not help weight loss or fat loss focused professionals build their business. If your business functions off of before and after photos or promotes diet culture in any way, this is not for you.

  • I don't have a business yet. Is this course for me?

    You must have had at least 1 paying client for this course to serve you. If you have yet to accept a payment from a client, this course is not for you.

  • I voted for Trump, is this for me?

    Absolutely not. Everything I create is an extension of my home. My home is a space where Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ lives matter, Jewish lives matter, BIPOC voices and lives matter. If for any moment this doesn't sit well with you, I invite you to immediately unfollow me across all platforms and unsubscribe from any and all of my work. You will not have a hard time finding someone else to hire who supports your values.

  • How much access do we get to you?

    You get access to me inside each of the live calls & inside the Slack group. You can expect a 24-hour response time 5 days a week.

  • I've hired business mentors before and they legit were not helpful.

    Yep. Unfortunately, this is common. You likely hired a coach who didn't have much experience running a business until they became a business coach. This is unethical. The other issue is that you likely have made purchasing decisions from a place of grandiosity. Did your previous course/mentor tell you that some super secret strategy worked for them and that's how they're able to make "$10k months"? That's not what business coaching is. That's business consulting, and unless you have a rock-solid understanding of your own business, then business consulting is simply unhelpful. I can promise you that UnFYB will change the way you think about investing in your business. I can also promise you that after you complete UnFYB, you'll have a much higher standard from what to expect from other coaching containers.

  • I'm sick of spending money trying to figure out how to run a business.

    Unfortunately, this means you've been investing in the wrong people and programs. Mentorship and community are vital to your business success. Unless your circle of friends are well versed in the online business space, you absolutely need to be taking yourself seriously enough that you understand the irrefutable utility of solid business mentorship. I, too, have wasted my fair share of money on crappy business coaching experiences. My goal is to be the breath of fresh air that the business coaching industry so desperately needs.

  • I'm already super busy and not sure I can make the time for this.

    There's a good chance you're busy but not actually productive. This is a symptom of your business being fucked- sorry, not sorry. Busy-ness is not a badge of honor. If your life does not have margins of which you can dedicate time to yourself in order to move your business forward, consider what trajectory those decisions keep you on. However, this course only works if YOU do. If you have a habit of throwing money at your problems and expecting that to fix the problem without doing any of the work, you can expect to feel disappointed after this course as well. Coaching only works if you do :)

More answers to your questions

  • When do we start!?

    Course content will begin dripping out to you on Monday, March 15th! Call times and information will be sent to you during the on-boarding process.

  • How many calls are there?

    Plan for a 2-hour live call via Zoom every other week. All calls will be recorded and uploaded into course portal for easy access and you will be able to send in your questions ahead of time if you cannot make it live.

  • What are the pod calls!?

    Depending on the landscape of this 2021 cohort, I will break the group up into small groups. Our first cohort had 3 distinct pods to be broken up into- this cohort may not, so it depends! Pods will allow us for additional, smaller group touch points via an extra live call each month for each pod! When I say I have your back, I mean it ;)

  • When does it end!?

    Plan for 5 months of juicy goodness together. New course content stops dripping out before our time together runs out. This is intentional so that we have plenty of time together to continue work-shopping through any and all of your business questions. Our last call will fall within the week of August 16th.

  • What if I can't sign-up now?

    UnFYB isn't going anywhere. I will be accepting a new cohort towards of the end of 2021. You can expect the price to go up to $2997 (private launch- make sure you're inside the Biz Beehive!) & $3997 public for the Fall 2021 Cohort enrollment.

  • How much access do we get to you?

    One group call every other week for the duration of the program, 1 extra small-group pod call each month, + interim access to me via a private Slack channel.

What our graduates are saying:

  • "Christina is rock solid. She coaches in a direct no-bullshit way, but has an amazing way to make you feel comfortable right from the get go. I am a newbie to the online business world and this course was perfect. It gave me actionable steps to take that were not overwhelming and were taught in manageable, sequential chunks. I loved the weekly calls and her accessibility to me. She gives so much knowledge and real-life examples that you know she has walked the walk of this before. She is realistic and manages expectations for you and sets you up for success. She has your back and is your biggest hype girl. I recommend this course 100% and will be keeping my sights set on working with her in the future." -Natali Kummer

  • "As a person who is very new in the online business arena, I had no idea how I’d even start down that path. This course provided all I needed to know to get started and then some! I feel like I am more than prepared to do exactly what I want to do with my future business. The information we were provided on top of the overall message to “keep dreaming bigger” was just incredible and invaluable. I feel ready to take on the world after this!" -Liz Brinkmoeller

  • "My business mindset has changed tremendously by taking this course. I now structure my time in a way to allow me to grow my business while working with clients to maintain my monthly income. I was able to take action weekly thanks to the calls and group coaching and support of the other women that were in the course. The social media training was one of the most valuable modules to me and has allowed me to be comfortable showing up authentically to attract my ideal clients. This course has been the best business course I have ever taken because it was personalized and didn't push me to reach other peoples goals. Christina met me where I am in my business and encouraged me to get to my goals instead of creating goals for me that she wanted me to meet. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone in business because it was the best investment I have ever made for my business! It was such a relief to have a coach that was genuine, real, and not afraid to talk about the hard shit that comes with business!" -Patti Mason

Let's do this!

Building a business is hard. Mentorship & community make it easier. I've got your back. You ready?

I'm ready!

What more graduates have to say

  • "Taking Christina's business course has already been a game changer for my business. I am getting more engagement on my posts, I'm feeling more confident with my content creation, and I am excited to implement everything I learned over the 10 weeks in the course. I never knew just how much went into running an online business! Christina gives you the ins & outs of how to run a successful business online and provides a lot of support along the way for anything that might feel a little overwhelming. She has helped me to realize where I have been going wrong and how to call myself out on my BS excuses that have been holding me back. I thrive off of having accountability and the group calls each week really helped with that! It was a big deal to invest in this course for myself and I can already tell that it was worth it. I am already looking forward to working with her again when possible!" -Jules Beedle

  • "I just wanted to thank you for all your help & advice over these past few months. I can honestly say it's been THE best course I've ever done. The amount I've learnt, and the difference in my confidence from when I first started, is quite astounding. And I wouldn't be where I am now, with an optimistic and clear view of my future business without you. The course itself, and your delivery of it, was second to none. Really easy to follow, in bitesize chunks, and not too overwhelming. ❤ the module format & mix of content format. I found the weekly group calls incredibly useful, and the other network members really welcoming and reassuring. This course has also introduced me to a great support network of like-minded female business owners from around the world. Something I have never experienced before and feel very fortunate to now have. I bloody loved everything about my experience and I am missing see yours, and the girls faces every Thursday! (does that sound a bit weird??)" -El Silcock

  • "If you are feeling burnt out by all the work you’re putting into your business without seeing any return, this course is for you. If you’re feeling like you’re speaking to your clients but yet no one seems to be buying your courses/programs, this course is for you. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to succeed in your business (you haven’t), this course is for you. If you need a no bullshit coach that is going to push you into action, this course is for you. If you need a coach that is going to honor your needs, your vision, your business & help you grow that business, this course is for you. This course will challenge the hell out of you & bring out the empowered, successful business owner in you. Thank you, Christina. I would absolutely not be this far in my business without your guidance, your encouragement and your ability to get me to take a ton of action, despite my fears. This course was worth every penny and so much more." -Kaitlin Brazil

  • "Christina was the FOURTH business mentor that I’ve hired over the last two years. I was at a point where I still felt confused AF as to who I was serving and how I can serve them in ways they need, while also staying true to MYSELF and not being a cookie cutter of someone else’s vision. I had just spent over $3k on another business coach right before I signed on with Christina; in all honesty, what I was thinking was “Well, this is my last resort and if I don’t get anything out of this business course, then I’m just done.” Well, I got everything I paid for and so much more! Christina was real when sharing her experiences as a business owner and didn’t pretend like she knew it all from the beginning like many other coaches tend to do. Christina’s course far exceeded my expectations. I went in expecting to have a better business strategy but I gained so much more. Confidence. Purpose. I still think Christina should be the one charging $3k for her program ;)" -Melissa Cioffi

Priced with you in mind.

You deserve to feel wealthy, happy, and free. We've removed as many barriers as possible so that your dream life doesn't have to wait any longer.

Let's do this!

Building a business is hard. Mentorship & community make it easier. I've got your back. You ready?

I'm ready!